Time has a way of providing us with perspective on the very threads of life that define who we are as individuals. It was a complex web of these threads and her experiences as a friend, daughter, sister, wife and mother that inspired M.L. Carrington to write her first novel, What Sara Said.

With the characters of Sara and Jude firmly planted in her mind, Carrington felt compelled to continue their love story, adding an element of suspense, with a second novel In Search of Jude.

In her writing, Carrington draws from her background in health care, having worked as a physical therapy assistant for more than a decade before exploring a career in communications and marketing. During the very rare moments when she is not working, co-managing a busy household with her three amazing children, or writing, this author enjoys flameworking with her husband in their glass studio, sailing and hiking with her family, baking and home decorating.

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