What Sara Said

Twenty-nine year-old Sara Preen had it all; an upper-class lifestyle, two beautiful children and a successful husband that provided for her. What Sara Said ebook cover_FINAL RGBShe had everything she needed, except for one thing… passionate, soul-binding love. Then, Sara crosses paths with a man from her past, Jude, a charming psychologist who happens to have been her first love. While Jude wrestles with a moral struggle, his unique ability compels him to stay in Sara’s life, tantalizing her senses and fulfilling her heart’s desires.

When an unexpected event inspires her workaholic husband, Eric, to embrace a new perspective on life, Sara must choose between the man she promised her life to, and the one her soul would have.

Filled with emotion, internal conflict and a healthy dose of seductive prose, What Sara Said moves us to challenge the existence of soul mates and the perception of a defined destiny.

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