Hello, Autumn

As the leaves begin to dot the hillsides and mountaintops with brilliant color in Upstate NY, I’m reminded of this excerpt from What Sara Said:

The setting sun cast brilliant hues of pink and purple through the west-facing window of Jude’s office onto Sara’s neck and face as she shifted in her seat and released her hands from his. Outside, the leaves of maples and poplars had already completed their annual transformation into an array of vivid colors, which now blanketed the ground.

“No… I mean, yes. You’re right. We… we shouldn’t,” Sara rambled on, suddenly aware of the time. “I’m sorry. This isn’t a good idea. I shouldn’t be here now,” she continued as she picked up her things and walked toward the door.

“Sara, I’m sorry,” Jude apologized, “I, umm… guess I’ll see you at work then?”

“Yeah, see ya,” Sara hesitated before she stepped out of his office and closed the door behind her.

Feeling embarrassed about her abrupt exit and uneasy about the intimacy she shared with Jude, Sara hurried down the hallway. When she reached the elevator Sara pushed the button several times, hoping that the elevator doors would open quickly allowing her to remove herself from the situation she’d involved herself in that left her feeling guilt-ridden. Chaotic thoughts streamed through her head. And the familiar feeling of heartache grew within her as the cool air outside chilled her body while she walked several feet toward her car.

Jude peered through the window and watched as Sara entered her car and drove away. Rather quickly, Jude felt very empty and alone. When Sara drove off she took the warmth and comfort he’d had with her. The desire to be with her raged stronger now than ever and he became keenly aware that he was capable of pure and complete hypocrisy.

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